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AI delivers business value

With AI, the real opportunity for business and technology is to apply the tools to improve knowledge work and productivity.

Deploying AI technology in every essential value chain — banking, healthcare, high-tech, retail, transportation, entertainment, insurance — is the future of work and technology. New use cases and pilots are popping up daily fueled by ChatGPT and its relatives. Excitement about the potential is growing, and it's time to get started!

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Generative AI — now accessible
to all — will turbo charge innovation.

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Hello A.AVA

Ascendion AVA (A.AVA) is an AI-powered software engineering platform that fosters radical transparency and collaboration among integrated teams including clients, Ascender employees, and ecosystem partners. This approach builds trust, resolves issues early, and elevates engineering quality.

Born with AI

Ascendion is a leader in using new tools to enhance engineer productivity, security, client transparency, and software quality. AI is in our DNA.

The A.AVA platform has used AI for years. The newest generative AI tools are making our systems even more effective. By incorporating AI, we enhance experience engineering, platform engineering and operations, data engineering, and quality engineering to boost productivity.

Engineering with AI

Through A.AVA, we achieve as much as 60% higher program efficiency and significantly improved transparency.
A.AVA modules include:

  • OneView is a single view of software delivery performance
  • Intelligent Test Automation (ITA) automates testing using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), and process orchestration
  • Intelligent accessibility framework (IAF) improves compliance with accessibility regulatory requirements
  • MLOps streamlines machine learning operations and governance processes
  • DataSwitch no-code/low-code approach for data modernization and management
  • Intelligent Cloud Economics (ICE) real-time visibility into cloud investments

Client Success Stories

AI in the value chain

Imagine AI technology improving work and consumer experiences in every essential value chain in banking, healthcare, high-tech, retail, transportation, entertainment, insurance, and more. This is the future of work and technology.


  • Advanced AI is the key to unlocking huge value for the future of nearly every industry. AI is the next generation of tools that can help improve productivity in pursuit of the next big thing.

  • It’s not about replacing humans doing knowledge work but enhancing them – reducing time spent on mundane tasks and increasing focus on innovation.

Know What you know

  • Advanced generative AI capabilities can harness internal knowledge and unlock significant business value, boosting productivity up to 40%, say some experts. The best source: your intranet for clean, trusted, and real-time data. Focus on what you already know to drive productivity up and tap into the trillions of dollars of potential value.

Make better decisions faster

  • A new truth about the new AI-enhanced world is that fast is better than big.

  • A common cause of bad decision making is inaccurate or incomplete information. Yet mitigating the risk makes decision making slow. With the power of advanced AI tools enhancing teams, leaders can make better decisions, quicker and with more confidence.

Ethics first

  • Whether code is human-generated or AI-enhanced, challenges exist in code quality, Internet Protocol (IP) protections, and biases. By prioritizing known risks, using conventional risk management tools, and incorporating human oversight, we optimize software and business impact while minimizing negative consequences. Ascendion enhances human capabilities instead of full automation, employing a "human in the loop" to reduce risk.

Ensuring Security and privacy

  • Everyone is concerned with data privacy and security. Ascendion is committed to ensuring that safe computing practices regarding security, privacy, and compliance are firmly maintained. We are exploring and conducting pilots to identify optimal use cases for specific Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) systems.

Always Assessing

  • Ascendion's AI method prioritizes ethics and ensures it is reflected in the tools. We assess the model by comparing ethical principles to real-life outcomes. We monitor the model's performance over time, comparing it to its initial training. If we detect data changes, we take steps to maintain accuracy and reliability.

Learn how we apply advanced AI every day

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The Ascendion

Ascendion helps make better software to deliver business outcomes

Ascendion is already engineering and deploying advanced AI systems. And we’ve been doing it for a few years already. The A.AVA engineering platform uses advanced AI to shape how we practice software engineering and the impact we deliver to clients. The AI-powered platform helps software teams improve performance, produce better software, and drive business results.



Engineering Excellence as a service providing transparency and flexibility with A.AVA



Benchmarking for continuous improvement in A.AVA OneView software delivery dashboard



Savings accelerating ML operations using A.AVA









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Let’s talk about how to use AI tools to
improve your enterprise.


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We’re using AI tools to improve how work gets done.

At Ascendion, we make and manage software platforms and products that power growth and deliver captivating experiences to consumers and employees. Our engineering, cloud, data, experience design, and talent solution capabilities accelerate transformation and impact for enterprise clients. Headquartered in New Jersey, our workforce delivers solutions from around the globe.